10W laser is shipping!

I saw a post on FB that someone has got one in hand. They’re shipping!

Snapmaker just posted their first tutorial video for the 10W laser as well. We can hope they’re starting to ship, but I’ll wait to see more evidence before getting my hopes too high.

Looks impressive compared to the 1600 mW which I currently have on my new A350T. As mentioned above, lets wait and see how it fares. In the meantime I’ll stick with what I have and experiment with Laser side some point in the future when I am more confident with this great machine.

I’ve had my 10w laser since Thanksgiving. (I picked up an Xtool D1. Needed it for some projects and couldn’t wait.)
If SM did it right, it will be a total game changer. My xtool just vaporizes stuff. Cuts really cleanly and deeply. (And that’s without having finished my air assist yet.) I’m able to mark stainless without marking spray (still better with). So much faster.

Not sure if it’s because of the power or because of the size of the dot and the control software, but photos/grayscale are much more crisp than SM 1600. Xtool has one advantage that you’re not limited to what can fit on the bed, but can actually bring it to the workpiece.


BTW, I think the real reason for the change in the linear modules lead is because of the new laser. I think they found that the old rails didn’t move fast enough to take full advantage. I can run my Xtool at 9600mm/m. The SM max recommended was 3000 and 6000 for jog speed without losing steps.


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I’ve run my old modules at 120 mm/s = 7200 mm/min - they don’t skip steps, but backlash becomes a real problem. I got deformed circles. So I suppose your assumption may be right.
Edit: I still pulled the trigger on the 10W laser a few days ago - Gamechanger might be a bit exaggerating, but it will up the game for sure :slight_smile:

Did anyone else notice that the orientation of the toolhead cable socket is 180 degrees different to the previous modules, I expect they have keyed it better but I for one will be modifying my older units to avoid the deadly reverse connection.

That’s definitely doesn’t seem good. Just asking for problems.

Can you try (with power off of course) see if you can plug in reverse?
It doesn’t look like they’ve added anything to keep you from doing it. If the plug just was seated a few mm deeper it would fix the problem.

EDIT: (Realized after I posted this you’re just sharing a screen grab.)


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I agree, but after reading of the mishap of others, I made it a habit to only change the toolhead with the machine powered off - guess that’s good advice anyhow.

:smile: No smell of burning yet.

Just got a shipping notice, estimated arrival about a week away.

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Woop, it’s happening. Got my tracking number. I guess they haven’t even got a main stock to their other distributing warehouses in other countries yet, coming straight from China. However, at least they used an express service and should only take five days. My guess is they gotta ship all preorders before stocking, good move, Snapmaker.

I really want this, but it still can’t cut clear acrylic. So unfortunate. :sob:

Unless they change technologies, it never will. It’s a limitation of the type of laser it is. Being a blue diode laser, it uses visible light which passes through clear objects, the best you can do is coat them with something that can absorb the light energy and engrave/etch. For transparent objects, you’ll have to fork out for a CO2 laser that uses infrared, which glass/clear acrylic is opaque in that spectrum and absorb all the energy. (Which is also why CO2 laser lids are clear vs the required amber for blue diodes.)

I know WHY it can’t, but thank you anyways. I’m just stating it’s unfortunate they can’t come up with some solution (be it alternate technology) that can cut clear acrylic. I’m guessing, aside from wood, clear acrylic would rank somewhere at the top of most popular material for cutting.

You can 3D print almost any material that would yield similar result from laser cutting, but there is no substitute for clear acrylic.

If it’s important to you and a 12"x8" (300mm x 200mm) work area works for what you need then pick up a k40, $550 on amazon right now (budget item reviewed here). Not much more than the cost of just the 10w toolhead anyways.

I have also received the message of the laser shipment. I am interested in laser cutting for rubber stamps, for example in this video Laser engraving machine ----rubber stamp engraver - YouTube. Someone has tried ? Can it be done with this new laser? Thank you.

Seems it’s possible. The stamp depth is is 0.2mm, not nearly as much as the video you linked of the CO2 engraver.

“I made it a habit to only change the toolhead with the machine powered off - guess that’s good advice anyhow.”

SM explicitly says to do this.

The problem is you don’t know which pins in that connector will make contact first. USB and other similar connectors intended to be live-plugged (even your wall outlet plugs!) assure that ground will always connect first. Otherwise the magic smoke comes out. :slight_smile:

“All you have to do”
is find a small high power laser in a wavelength that is absorbed well by clear acrylic.