Question about skirt placement

Here’s what Prusaslicer preview shows:

Here’s what the printer does (printed part is overlaping the skirt):

Can someone please explain what’s going on and perhaps what can be done do avoid this in the future? :face_with_monocle:

You can set nber of skirt loops to 0

Thanks @nweolu. Sure I realize that :slightly_smiling_face: however i am curious as to why this is happening. The skirt is doesnt overlap the part in the slicer preview…

I have searched the interweb thoroughly but cant find any explenation for this weird issue…

My bad, i’ve read the overlap words, but didn’t connect it to the issue :slight_smile: and didn’t notice the overlap on the picture.

My guess it is due to the size of the print area mismatch within firmware. This happens a lot on snapmaker 2.0 and artisan with dual extruders, when full bed print is set to be printed with left nozzle - it woudn’t say anything wrong with sizing, just kinda pile up extreme right layers that it can’t reach on top of each other.

Bug report I’d say…

@nweolu Ok I get it.
I made this adjustment:

Hopefully that should fix it :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: Or maybe I should leave the X origin @ 0?

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Maybe the skirt-line just didn’t stick well to the bed and moved by collision or something else?
Your machine is no snapmaker machine, I guess, so nweolu’s pointing to the firmware could not be your case.

@xchrisd I am pretty sure it was stuck but have removed the parts now so cant confirm. Perhaps I will do a test to try to recreate the issue later today. I have the Snapmaker J1 printer :slightly_smiling_face: