Q2. Why are layers created?

test.stl (13.9 KB)

Design by sketchup.
STL has no problem.
why ? Snaplmaker 2.0 A350. Option is Normal.

you are under extruding. my guess is that you have not calibrated your E steps. see the thread below for more info on how to fix the issue:

Extruder Calibration a must

Thank you.
I will check it.

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Are you talking about the brim?- the lines around your first layer/model?
This is a option which is checked in your profile, make a custom profile and uncheck brim.

No, Center horizontal line.

It’s hard to tell from the photos: is the entire layer shifted, including a front overhang?

If so, the nozzle hit something and the steppers thought they were moving then they weren’t. The controls on these machines are open-loop, meaning they have no idea where they are, other than by ‘keeping track’ after they home at the start. If they bump something you’ll see a layer shift.

Ways to avoid layer shift include adding a z-hop during retractions, printing with taller layer highest, and making sure models don’t have features that will curl up or move during the print.

If it’s none of those issues, let me know.

I tried many times and the result is the same.
I replaced 3 filaments(bundle filament, 2 another filaments) . option Normal…
Just add brim.
SW and FW is Last Version.

I think it’s the way it’s slicing in Luban
It’s happening right at the point where the tab ends.
So it’s happening right where it’s changing how it’s traveling for infill or walls. You can see how the pattern on the ends changes at that point.

Share screen captures of your settings in luban and your gcode.


I guess this issue is from Luban as you said plus underextrusion which makes it more visible.
@miscellany I would suggest to calibrate your extruder, search in the forum or www about.

I changed E step value.
E212.21 -> E249.65
I confirmed E step value has changed. (capture image)

and I replaed another filament.

this is my setting. (based Normal)
Mod-Normal Quality.json (2.3 KB)

But quality got worse.

What should I do?

STL file is not changed.

Take screenshots of your settings.
Settings files don’t always show up correctly when imported to Luban.


Also your brim looks horrible, I’m at a loss as to what would cause that wave look… are you using PLA?

Also wondering why you’re using a brim?
Doesn’t seem like an object that would need one.
I prefer using a skirt of 3-5. Gives the filament a chance to get flowing and ‘prime the pump’ a little. Can see what z-offset is doing. Don’t have to remove it from the object and easy to remove from the bed.

I have a theory (aka, wild guess) - The z height is too low, pushing the nozzle into the bed, causing the thin part of the brim. But then the nozzle pressure build up high enough to ‘burp’ out some filament as a blob, causing the cyclic waviness.

Generally speaking, it looks like there’s overextrusion too, and possibly the filament temp is too high?

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That would make sense and explain the oozing that happens on the first few layers… the over extrusion could be caused by the temp being to high… but its really hard to tell without having the slicing settings… pluss it was done in luban so it could be all kinds of weird lol

brim is not issues for me.
I am now testing for setting. also brim… skirt, raft…, support…
I have 3 3d printers.
personal : flux3dp(4 years~), ender(1 year~) , snapmaker.(now)
office : sindoh 3d printer.

so I want to check the quality each printers.

Mod-Normal Quality.json is no problem.
I checked it now. (download and import)

Thank you.
If there are no protruding parts of the model, there is no problem.
This is now Printed.

I will check leveling and z hegiht.

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To really compare I think you’d need to use the same slicer for all.
A lot of people hate Luban and the results of how it slices.
They find that Cura or Prusa turns out much better.
I haven’t had any problems but really haven’t done anything that complicated or that appearance really matters.


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You did a extruder calibration and after that you switched the filament?- I would suggest you to check your flow again, please.

I guess you printed the first layers too hot and or your cooling fan turned on after a few layers, which makes it better.

May you simply share your gcode to see it print on a other machine?

I see on the top of the outstanding a hairy surface, my guessing is it is still too hot printed or overextruded.- May print a temp.-tower?

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