Pysanky Eggs with 10W laser

I wanted to develop something exciting as a gift for Easter. I ran across pysanky (pysanka) eggs. So I have spent about a year trying various techniques and materials to develop something similar. These are my first three successful prototypes as proof of concept on some simple 3d printed bases.

I greatly appreciate the Snapmaker 3-in-1 capabilities.

Stay curious my friends.

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So are the eggs 3D printed as well as the stands? Or are they real egg shells tha are laser cut? If laser cut what are your settings ie speed and power?

The bases are printed. The eggs are plastic eggs from the store. I tried real eggshells but they get too weak when cut. I think that is why really pysanky eggshells are cut from goose, ostrich or emu eggs. They are thicker. The settings vary from job to job a lot so there’s no no point in sharing. I think the simplest was 40% at 2000 mm/min. But most require settings from Lightburn to do multiple cuts doing different things.

Are you using the rotary attachment? How do you adjust for the rounded but non-cylindrical shape?

Yes, I use the rotary attachment.

I have different cut settings for different parts of the egg. It’s clunky and doesn’t work very well, but Lightburn has enough flexibility where I’ve been able to fake it.

I am thinking about using Fusion to run the laser and see if I can get better results. Again it’s a work in progress.

Here is another one I just finished. I really needed to run about 3 more attempts before I honed it in, but I am starting to understand the material better.