Bird Coasters laser print


Yesterday was the day i dismounted the 3d print head and mounted the laser for the first time. Printed a lot for my new SM350 case and some casing for my esphome home assistant projects.
But it’s time to do some laser engraving.

And I am very impressed with the result.

I had some issues with the camera and calibration. But i’m not the only one as a red on the forum. So did some things manualy. We (my wife and me) had the idea to provide wooden coasters with bird prints.So we Googled some cool pictures and i did some Photoshop tricks and then tried to laser them.

We have 16 coasters and after lasering two, i’m excited to do them all.

Here is the result.
Hope you like to :slight_smile:


Looking very good and you have them well centred. Did you get the camera to work in the end or use manual setup? I find manual set up is actually quicker once you get the height settings sorted out.

Hi @stewl,

Yeah me too, manual. Camera did work the first time. But measure the object lenght and width, than center the image in Luban. Send to SM 2 and center the laser head and start printing.

Grtx Marcel

These look awesome!! I love the crisp look you achieved.

I have some wood slabs like these laying around. Would you mind sharing your settings with us?

Hi Chra,

Pretty straight forward.

In editor
contrast: 50
brightness: 50
White clip: 25
Algo: Atkinson

Movement: Dot
Density: 7
Jog speed: 1500
Work speed: 2500
Dwell Time: 5
no Multi
no Fixed

if i’m before these are luban’s default settings for laser i think. I have always looked at the picture on the screen and sometimes adjusted a bit for contract and brightness. Otherwise all fairly standard. And yes, just try.




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The whit clip in the settings is interesting. Maybe I should try to play with this value more. Thank you :heart:

Oeps… Sorry typo. White clip should be 255.

Groet Marcel

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