Prusa Slicer Profil for Artisan

Hi! Has someone a adapted working profile for the artisan? Thank you very much!


Hi Zauberflo, did you make any progress regarding the profil for Artisan in Prusa Slicer, I have random skin issues in Luban that do not show in Prusa, plus Prusa seems to be much faster.

There is a collection of profiles in this list - GitHub - shurushetr/awesome-snapmaker: Curated list of things that help you make something awesome with Snapmaker machines.
you can use the a350 as starting point. It’s mostly the speeds and the work volume to change if I get it right.
Sprinkle some knowledge from this thread - Dual Extruder and Prusaslicer to add dual extruder there.

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Did you figure this out?