Can snapmaker finally come out with Prusa or Orca plugins? At this point I am willing to pay!

My Artisan collects dust because of Luban, without being negative and getting off topic. I would pay money to Snapmaker, or any other person with the knowledge to incorporate a well working Orca Slicer profile. I’d be happy if Snapmaker went by their word in creating a Prusa Plugin, but I would still pay. Please stop making new stuff and support the stuff that was new only a little over a year ago.
10$ per profile open to the public seems reasonable, or $100 award for a working profile reward coming from me.

I am the maintainer of Snapmaker profiles in OrcaSlicer & PrusaSlicer.
I’m not an official and share them out of personal interest, but I haven’t got my Artisan yet. I’ll share it after that.
You don’t have to pay anything for it.

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I know you owe me nothing, but do you have an ETA(on receiving your artisan, and the profile). Also shot in the Dark, these machines aren’t exactly portable, but if your in the Phoenix area, you are free to use my machine if needed. Thank you in advance for your work.

I’m living in China, and it’s the Chinese New Year holiday right now, so I’ve stopped a lot of work, and asked Snapmaker team don’t delivery the machine to me.

But I will receive my Artisan in mid-March and start making and testing parameters for it, usually around 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll start earlier. If I release early test files, I’ll post it on github and let you know here.

Happy printing & happy new year.