Can snapmaker finally come out with Prusa or Orca plugins? At this point I am willing to pay!

My Artisan collects dust because of Luban, without being negative and getting off topic. I would pay money to Snapmaker, or any other person with the knowledge to incorporate a well working Orca Slicer profile. I’d be happy if Snapmaker went by their word in creating a Prusa Plugin, but I would still pay. Please stop making new stuff and support the stuff that was new only a little over a year ago.
10$ per profile open to the public seems reasonable, or $100 award for a working profile reward coming from me.

I am the maintainer of Snapmaker profiles in OrcaSlicer & PrusaSlicer.
I’m not an official and share them out of personal interest, but I haven’t got my Artisan yet. I’ll share it after that.
You don’t have to pay anything for it.


I know you owe me nothing, but do you have an ETA(on receiving your artisan, and the profile). Also shot in the Dark, these machines aren’t exactly portable, but if your in the Phoenix area, you are free to use my machine if needed. Thank you in advance for your work.

I’m living in China, and it’s the Chinese New Year holiday right now, so I’ve stopped a lot of work, and asked Snapmaker team don’t delivery the machine to me.

But I will receive my Artisan in mid-March and start making and testing parameters for it, usually around 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll start earlier. If I release early test files, I’ll post it on github and let you know here.

Happy printing & happy new year.


Any updates so far? i was using Orca as my preferred slicer for the previous printer and i would like to give it a try for the Snapmaker Artisan

have you received an artisan yet? just curious for the update

Good question.

I am not keen any longer to get Orca running. I found my peace with Luban and Cura

There is still others that are hoping it will come soon. Thank you for your help macdylan, we appreciate it!

Snapmaker Artisan Dual (0.4 nozzle).zip (4.9 KB)
im not really sure if i understood what you are searching.
Im using Artisan regularily with Orca and attatched my profiles here.
Keep in mind that my psofile is based on @macdylan profiles.
Just took the A350 Profile and tweaked it for the Artisan a little.

I Have just my used Filament Profiles so you may need to tune your own in this regards.


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Thank you, I got to finally print with Orca Slicer with your profile. Is there any way to remotely send the print, or a remote interface (such as typing in the IP address etc…) that I can log into? Is it possible for Orca to support SACP Protocol?
I tried looking into the SMfix but it was way over my head, and the going out to my shed with a USB stick to print is wearing thin.
Thank you so far, and in advance,

Sure there is.
Snapmaker Uploader is the Keywords you wanna google.
Its made by McDylan if im not mistaken and includes SMFix.
You start it prior to Orca and then just set it up as a Octoprint.
Youll find a pretty good tutorial on Github.
If you need further assistance come back and ill try to help. :slight_smile:

Why not sharing the link?

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Thanks Spucky!
I am not as familiar with marlin besides ender 3 tinkering, so please forgive me;

I have another question, when I use orca, the nozzle scrapes the bed in certain spots. I am wondering if the bed mesh needs to be transferred to the slicer, or if the printer just compensates on the fly?

I “Z offset” with paper, and do the 9x9 bed mesh on the artisan interface, but at around X200, Y50 my nozzle scrapes and my first layer curls up in that area. I suspect its a high spot in my bed that isn’t being compensated for.

BTW I already did the 3d printing head fix. I also do not use the dual nozzle feature, and do not intend to do so in the future.

@spucky Cause i didnt have it on hand…
In that topic im not entirely sure whats happening at all with the artisan.
If you look around the interwebs youll find several threds mentioning that artisan dosent respect the Meshleveling as a firmware bug.
Nothing of that is official tho or prooven fact as far as im aware.
My time and tools are somewhat limited at this point in proving that.

What i could oserve is that if my bed is super croocked (above 1mm) i couldnt get reliable rsults.
you can follow my thread where i show what if tested and tryed to fix that so far.

you wanna shim your bed to have a difference below 1mm.
You can check that by connecting your PC to the Snapmaker via USB and use the Command M420V to get the leveling Data.

Like i said before:
im not an engineer or anything like that so thats just what helped me.
It dosent have to apply to your machine/situation.

Maybe there are users with better concepts or better solutions.


Hello everybody and @macdylan! Any chance to get the profile for Orca or Prusa for Artisan? it would be awesome! Thank you in advance!

i linked my other post in my post above where you could download my profile if you want

On my artisan before it starts printing in the left corner it just purges the filament for like 10 sec and then moves is that what yours does or is it suppose to move on bed and do that if not anything I can change in start G Code

Hi, yes thats intentional to purge all old Filament and start with a nice and clean nozzle.
Feel free to modify in the start Gcode and remove that or reduce the amount to your likings :slight_smile:

My Artisan is not doing that. Once the temperatures are as defined, it goes straight to the front left corner and starts the purge line.

Ok working good now Thanks