Proximity Sensor specification

I’m looking for the specifications of the proximity sensor? I want to replace my magnetic print sheet with a 3mm aluminum (covered with kapton). Does the proximity sensor measure something in the Heated bed or does is use an infrared or laser measurement?

It is an Inductive type and senses the metal print sheet.

Thank you Steve. Do you perhaps have details on it? Will it detect Aluminium?
This is part of the part number…

I searched a month ago for the part number but came up empty. I can tell you it appears to be a 24v NPN type proximity sensor with a 2mm sensing range. 3-wire connector with Gnd, sig and 24v and the signal wire is pulled low (~0.6v) when the sensor is triggered.20200517_184145

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Dear @Edwin
Do you perhaps have specifications on the Proximity Sensor? I want to establish what the range is and if it will detect aluminium?