Progress and remaining time on touchscreen not correct

Hi guys,
yesterday I’ve printed one item that requires about 4h to be done (Luban)… on the touchscreen of my A150 the progress circle and the remaining time to finish was not correct during all the process: it started reporting the correct time but it not keep aligned during the entire process, for example after about 3h it shown that the remaining time was still about 2h… when the process reach about 90/95% it start showing the correct remaining time.

Can you please fix it?

I might be wrong, but I think this has to do with the printer not being able to tell how long it will take based on the Gcode.

You might have a different speed depending on what it’s doing (outer wall, inner wall, initial layers, etc), but I think the “estimated time to completion” is based off the basic “print speed” setting. You would have initial layers, and outer layers go slower for better detail, slowing the print down, but the printer can’t calculate, or at least currently, doesn’t, the time adjustment.