Dual extruder slamming into the bed

Hi, I have the snapmaker a350 from the kickstarter with no upgrades until the dual-extruder.

When I go through the first time setup with the dual-extruder on firmware version 1.15.21 all is going well until it tries to print the calibration lines, or whatever you call it, to get the offset of both nozzles. It heats up at the top of the z axis which I though was strange while the single extruder head heats up at the bottom, but whatever. then when it starts to print and goes down to the print bed it slams into the corner of the bed making the zaxis motor skip several times then moves back up and starts trying to print about an inch above the bed.

It is to fast for me to realize that it is going to be a collision and when it moves back up to stop. From the post I have seen with other people having successful prints with this module I assume this is not the norm but I have no idea what to do.

From what I can tell you can not use the dual-extruder module until you complete this step and I don’t really want to keep jamming the corner of my bed down to try and get past this.

Any help or thought on things to try would be appreciated.

Do you have it in the right screw holes? If you didn’t do it right, I could see it doing that.

It goes through the 25 point leveling just fine which is where I would have expected something to go wrong if it was in the wrong screw holes.

I have it in the screw holes closer to one side of the extruder not the ones in the center.

On that note from what I have been able to fine I don’t see anything that used the screw holes closer to the center of the extruder. Any clue what those are for?

couldn’t figure out how to get the video small enough to post here.

I’m assuming it’s for the Artisan since that’s what the module was built for. This is on the first move right? What happens if it continues? Did you verify that your hot ends are installed correctly?

This is after the leveling and z height offset check so first move printing yes.

If it continues it moves about an inch above the bed and starts printing in mid air.
I have not let it continue while just printing in the air.

How would I tell if the hot ends are installed correctly? It seems like there is almost only one way that they can be put in.

Have you done all the previous steps?
The auto-leveling, where he drives the whole bed in 36 or 25 points does that work or track there also in the bed? The bed should be detected by the sensor.

Yes the 25 point leveling seems to work fine. Nothing makes contact and the sensor lights up.

The z height offset touches the bed but only slightly. It seems like there is no way past these steps except to let it go when the printer starts.

That’s so strange. Can you tell if the

What firmware are you on? I’m using 1.15.21 and Luban 4.7. No issues like you’re experiencing. You might want to grab logs/talk to support and see where it’s going wrong if you’ve done the bed leveling and z-offset calibration.

Firmware 1.15.21. This isn’t even connecting to luban since its just the first time startup. Bed leveling and z offset seemed to work just fine running immediately before this. I don’t get to a point to be able to select a file it just tries to print this calibration after the leveling and offset.

How do I grab the logs?
I have emailed support to see if they can help.

Strange behavior.
You could export the logs if you disconnect the toolhead before startup in the settings section.

Maybe you try to install the latest firmware once more, you could do this when the toolhead is disconnected before startup.

I would try to disassemble the toolhead before the critic process and see what happens then or simply push the last points of startup calibration through.

@Riskey, any thoughts about this, seen the reddit video?

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There was a guy on facebook who did a reset of the machine via the EPROM… it’s basically a fancy factory reset. He then proceeded to downgrade to 1.14.3 and back up to 1.15.21… that fixed his issue.

Link to the instructions here. Export logs is in the settings if I remember correctly once you can gain access to the screens.

Hi RobDirt,

  1. It can be seen from the video that the heated bed seems to be modified. Could you please describe what modifications you’ve made to the bed?

  2. Have you tried to contact our Support? If yes, please message me your ticket number. If not, please directly send your log files to lisiqi@snapmaker.com.

Messaged you the ticket number and log files.

The only mod if have done was for a glass bed attachment. I have not gotten around to getting a glass build plate yet though. They are basically little feet to help keep the bed in the correct spot. I took the one off where the nozel starts since it seemed to be in the way.