Printer module offcenter

After putting on the new taller tower the module is now off center. I have moved it to another bolt on and it is closer but still not centering properly. The calibration lets me move it up and down but I cannot find anything that allows me to move the head side to side to get it centered on the bed better.
Is there a way to calibrate side to side?
If not I will have to go back to the shorter tower arm to see if I can get it back to center if the taller arm will not work.

There is no calibration for the X and Y axises. (I have a v1. I assume, but don’t know, that is also true for v2.)

Double check that you installed the Y axis in the correct location on the new Z axis. The installation video shows you how to put it back to gether. At time 1min 24seconds, note the which holes the screws go in. Putting the screws in the wrong hole will cause a ~8mm offset.

Also make sure you have the Y axis rotated correctly (cable end near the Z axis).

If you’ve verified that the holes and orientation are correct, how big is the offset, and in which direction?

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