Print sudden stop

I have sudden stop of a print for a second time for a same part for two days. Each time this has happened at the night when I have left the printer unattended to print. The last stop I found the printer working, the blue LED was blinking and the printer head was stopped just in place with nozzle touched the part. The display was showing 0% as status (like as it is when the process was finished successfully and noting more … No other info, so i don’t know on which layer or parentage the process was stopped to make a recover. And I am pissed off by that… how it is possible to not showing on the display the actual layer. Is it so hard to be done by simple update of the firmware??? :frowning:

Is there any way to add somehow on the display real time statistic of the process or layer? Can I connect my Snapmaker original whit computer directly and monitor the process there in live? I use Cura and there is a OctoPrint addon to which is looks nice.