Latest firmware Glitch/bug found

I updated the firmware to the latest version v1.10 last night and started a 3d print to only realise that I should have done a calibration. Hit Pause which i’ve done a few times before and never had an issue and the printer hangs on the pause screen with the extruder/hot end stuck at the position when pause was pressed. Controller becomes unresponsive and had to switch the power supply off to rectify the issue, which i’ve never had to do before. On a positive note when it rebooted it asked if i wanted to recover the print due to power failure.

Dont know if anyone else has had this issue?

On a side note it has just completed a 15hr print which was flawless.


I had exactly the same problem, pause did nothing at all, had to turn off power. I was doing CNC, so it’s not specific to 3D. I’m also using the latest V1.10.1.

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