3d Printer Max Extruder Feed Rate mm/s

Been searching and cannot find a current post on this. Has anyone documented the maximum feed rate the extruder can accomplish before grinding happens? (Would assume this is somewhat material specific due to melt rates).

Also what about retraction feed rate max? Anyone document that one too…

Asking for a friend (me) who is hearing clicking during retraction and think it’s going too fast.


bump…hope to figure out… no one?

Not sure of the physical limits. From their manual “The recommended print speed is less than 40 mm/s, and the recommended travel speed is less than 80 mm/s.” Their Fast Profile uses a print speed of 40mm/s and a travel speed of 70mm/sec and a retract speed of 25mm/sec. I personally run 35 print, 65 travel, and 35 retract and have seen no issues. I have been using the filament from their store so I cannot speak to other brands. hope that helps.
PS. I did an Extruder Calibration and use a flow rate of 81% for most of my printing.