Print sheet coating getting loose (bubbles)

Hello all,

I recently noted that the first layer of my prints wasn’t as perfect as I was used too. After closer inspection, I noticed that the coating of the print sheet has started to come loose. There are bubbles forming underneath the coating as the bed gets heated (even at 60 degrees)

I consider the print sheet as a consumable so I don’t want to make a big deal out of it. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen it (a quick search on the forum didn’t reveal anything yet). It might also explain some issues some people have with their first layers.

It’s rather difficult to capture it on camera, but I tried making a very short movie of it:


I mean i guess i can see that being a thing over time. hopefully you had a lot of print jobs on that sheet before it failed.

is it well used?

Not as much as I hoped.
I have my SM about 9 months or so. Didn’t keep a count of hours of usage. But I think between 4-5kg of filament (PLA and PETG).
(have done more cnc than printing)

And I did make a lot of beginners mistakes at the start. So it did see some abuse. Including some difficult to remove PETG prints until I had that process under control.

In the mean time I have peeled of one side completely and cleaned it up with a lot sticker remover and now covered it with painters tape. Will try to keep using it like that for now.

Interesting idea too

i’m kind of surprised you havent been using glass. have you tried it before?

I haven’t yet. I actually kinda like the spring steel bed. I love how a print just pops off as you bend it :slight_smile: And also as I kinda like using PETG, I would still need to cover the glass with something to avoid it destroying the glass.

Doing a first print (PETG) on the cleaned bed now. Some pictures:

To each their own I suppose

I was real hesitant to take it on for a long time, but finally tried it and am so glad i did.

it is a bit tricky in its own way with printing, the usual methods people use on their print sheets are effective vs the glass too.

i print a decent amount of petg myself on it although i am getting pretty bored of printing right now. i was trying spice things up a bit to fashion up an upgraded heated bed but i broke it today accidently so I have to get some more pieces now.

in the mean time i think ill take the glass off and throw a print sheet down for fun

I think I’m just as hesitant as you were :slight_smile:
And I had the initial idea that for a printer in this price-range it should work perfectly out of the box and didn’t need other upgrades. I still think it works pretty good out of the box, but we both know that we have already done a lot of upgrades :rofl:

A glass bed is the next logical step

The print sheets ARE bubbling up! And not just some of them but ALL.

I will buy some new ones from the EU store since they have to cover current EU customer rights. This may result in a permanent “free print sheet exchange service”.
At the moment the bubbles (you can’t see but feel/hear) apear after just a few days of printing time.

Maybe the new ones are better (bought some with the machine in the Kickstarter campaign)…

I doubt that would be the case. If they fail after a few usages/weeks. maybe yes. But I think the print sheet would be considered a consumable. Just like you can’t claim 2 years warranty on the tires of your car.

You didn’t happen to clean them with acetone or some other solvent besides rubbing/isopropyl alcohol?


Of course the manufacturer of the tire has to proof he is not in charge if the tire tread becomes loose and the rest of the tire looks as new.

I use this and a micro fabric cloth for cleaning: