[POLL] Alternative print sheet?

Hi everyone!

Seeing all the talks about different print sheets and ways to attach those to the Snapmaker print bed I thought it would be time to give the Snapmaker team an idea what may work best for everyone. Feel free to vote what worked best for you or what you would like to get for you device in the future. I know that this is also always a matter of cost per value so let’s assume that every type costs around the same (±30%). Let’s also assume that every type comes with a spring steel core so that it works as simple replacement for the current print sheet and magnetic print bed (not sure if this is possible with glass though).
Here are some details about the print sheet types.

  • The current print sheet is more than enough.
  • Single sided Garolite.
  • Double sided Garolite.
  • Double sided PEI (smooth/smooth).
  • Double sided PEI (smooth/textured).
  • Smooth PEI (top) + Garolite (bottom).
  • Textured PEI (top) + Garolite (bottom).
  • Single sided glass.
  • Not listed (add a comment below).

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I am curious to see the outcome of this.

…and I hope the Snapmaker team will sell us the glorious winner in the future :wink:

Not that much participation so far. Currently, one vote for “not listed”. I would be really curious to know what that would be. Maybe some tape? Any comment on that?

I don’t think that there is a lot of people that have tested many different build surfaces.
In my particular case, I am always time constrained so I only got to test glass because I couldn’t stand the original print sheet anymore. Even if I got good results so far, I really can’t vote for glass without having tested these magic PEI sheets that people talks about.

I voted not listed, but was close to ‘current print sheet is more than enough’.

I would say ‘current print sheet works just fine for me’. Thought about trying something else but have never really had anything to complain about with the current. With glue stick does what I need. I mostly do cnc and laser.

I wonder if it would be better to skip the magnetic sheets and install an solid aluminum plate instead. The poll is a very good initiative, but I also doubt that all users know the materials.

I have an issue that all 3 original sheet are „bubbling“ in the middle. Gives a lot of issues for the first layer

I voted ‘current print sheet is more than enough’ as so far it has been problem free for me.