Print not centered on the bed

I am not sure if this is a problem in the software or the hardware. I have recently noticed that the prints are not centered on the print bed. This hasn’t been an issue but recently I have been printing larger items along the x-axis and have run across this. I have attached a picture of both the print in action as well as the how the print looks in the software.

I think the horizontal axis is badly mounted. Check the assembly


Thanks for the suggestion, but it is mounted correctly and it prints perfectly. The issue is that zero point is off. When using the CNC or the laser you are able to set zero and I can run it from edge to edge in ether one of those configurations.

I’m sorry but it’s wrong. Look at the picture of my Snapmaker and the distance of the screws varies from your photo. If you search Google for other Snapmaker images, you will see that all of them match my photo and not yours.

Thank you for kindly point out that I needed to shift the screws over one the back by one slot. Your clear and patient responses help emensly.

Thank you, it’s a pleasure for me to help you. I understand that the problem has been solved. Enjoy your Snapmaker


Have the same issue and have checked the position of the screws. I got them right - as per instructions - but I still cannot see how this picture helps, plus I still have the issue. I can move the screws from the hole in which they are in, but then it will mean the instructions are incorrect. Is that the case?

Thanks in advance.

Having the same issue too. The bolts are correct as per printed instructions. I shifted the bots one over and all it did was make the print head go right over the other side.

I may see if there is a firmware update.

Also when homing the hot end pressed itself so far down into the bed, I’m pretty sure the nozzle was probably bent out of place and put a rather pronounced hole in the bed itself. Immediately cut power.

Not impressed right now.

If your head crashed into your build plate at homing, i suggest you to double check your printing-head position and your X-Axis position.- I didn´t have my original anymore so i am sorry, no pictures from it, from me.

Basically, I was at a friends and unpacked and assembled it there. We never did anything but 3D printing, so if it was off centre, it didn’t really matter so long as the entire build volume was on the plate (it was).

Before I returned home, I partially disassembled the unit because I was worried that bad roads might end up deflecting the cantilever arms when I hit a bump on the Renous highway.

When I reassembled, the X-axis issue just went away. I don’t think I assembled it incorrectly the first time, because both myself and my friend consulted with the instructions over and over. We simply gave up on that issue and went a bit apesh*t printing things out for two days.

However, another issue cropped up for me and that are the thumb screws holding the heated bed to the Y-axis actuator thing-y. Two of them just fell off during printing. Prints were fine, but wondering if it might be a good idea to try and fine four lock washers, maybe. Finding ones that thin could be a problem.

If I was clever, I’d try to figure out a way to 3D print them…

I’m really considering getting the A350.

@Pwalker, if your thinking of getting the A350 because you think it will have less issues, you would be mistaken. however if you are thinking of getting an A350 because you like the SM1 that you have, GREAT!
personally i would not pay $1400 USD for my A350 (i’m a backer and got it for $1000), I think their are better options, but for the price that i payed it is an alright printer, a good enough laser engraver, and an ok CNC.
happy making,

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I had the same issue & after reading your post, noticed I too had assembled mine 1 screw hole out. Most helpful, cheers.