Print not centered on the bed


I am not sure if this is a problem in the software or the hardware. I have recently noticed that the prints are not centered on the print bed. This hasn’t been an issue but recently I have been printing larger items along the x-axis and have run across this. I have attached a picture of both the print in action as well as the how the print looks in the software.


I think the horizontal axis is badly mounted. Check the assembly


Thanks for the suggestion, but it is mounted correctly and it prints perfectly. The issue is that zero point is off. When using the CNC or the laser you are able to set zero and I can run it from edge to edge in ether one of those configurations.


I’m sorry but it’s wrong. Look at the picture of my Snapmaker and the distance of the screws varies from your photo. If you search Google for other Snapmaker images, you will see that all of them match my photo and not yours.


Thank you for kindly point out that I needed to shift the screws over one the back by one slot. Your clear and patient responses help emensly.


Thank you, it’s a pleasure for me to help you. I understand that the problem has been solved. Enjoy your Snapmaker



Have the same issue and have checked the position of the screws. I got them right - as per instructions - but I still cannot see how this picture helps, plus I still have the issue. I can move the screws from the hole in which they are in, but then it will mean the instructions are incorrect. Is that the case?

Thanks in advance.