Centering of bed plate

I am happy to have received my new snapmaker v1 today. It was a great pleasure to assemble it and start it for the first time. I was able to level the bed plate and load the filament. Now I am getting ready to run my first 3D prints. The snapmaker is my very first 3D printer and I have no experience with the technology. My concern is that the alignment of the bed plate seems to be off to the right by about 3/4 of an inch. When I did the bed plate leveling, the left most points were very close to the left edge of the plate (points 1 and 4) while the right most points were about 3/4 of an inch from ten right edge of the plate. I was still able to level the plate as described in the quick guide, but I am concerned that the coordinates are not centered to the plate in the X axis.
I would like to know how this can be corrected or if I need to be worried about it.
Thanks in advance for your help

I’ve heard other people having a similar issue. There’s quite a bit of trouble shooting in that thread, but no resolution.

There were also some issues with the enclosure when the door was open on some firmware versions. I believe it’s been fixed in the latest firmware, but I’m not able to confirm that. Do you have the latest firmware? It looks like the latest version is 2.11.

Do you have an enclosure? If so, the door must be open during calibration. I’m not sure how to close the door and repeat the test. :-/

Can you verify that you mounted the Y axis correctly? It’s possible to put the screws in the wrong holes, which will shift the Y axis to the left. Although I think the offset is smaller, not 0.75".

Thank you, it turns out I had the x axis mounted 1 set of holes to much to the left, the total offset before was more like 0.5” rather than 0.75, you were right. ! I did a simple test print out and it was dead center. This was my first 3D print out, so I am keeping that little pyramid … now I have a different problem, I tried changing filament but it would not go through… I guess a clogged nozzle? Now I feel I am properly in the 3D printing hobby 034BF4C9-9D64-4B5C-A0F7-4488E87A556C|320x240

Sweet! I love an easy fix.

The filament change on Snapmaker is kind of annoying.

Before you start, make sure the filament is as straight as you can get it. Every time I’ve said “eh, that’s straight enough”, it wouldn’t go in. You’ll want enough straight filament to go all the way through the print head, just hold it up next to the head and make sure it reached from top to bottom.

You really need some forearm strength on that button to make sure it’s bottomed out. Even with really straight filament, I still have to fish around a little bit to get it in. To me, it seems like I have angle the filament a little bit away from me. If you haven’t pushed all of the straight section of filament into the print head, it’s getting caught on something. And while you’ve been poking around with the filament, you probably let off the pressure on the button. :smile: