Bed Alignment During Leveling

Just finished unpacking and assembling the Snapmaker. Very impressed with quality of parts and packaging! One feedback item, the screwdriver is worthless. The end that must fit into the collar on the handle can’t go in far enough for the collar to secure it.

My Bed question is the location and orientation of the heated bed. When I power it up, the heated bed moves to the middle of Y-axis module and the print head comes just past the forward edge, in the X axis. When I try to do the bed leveling, the print head actually goes below the level of the heated bed (thankfully, the print head is just forward of the forward edge of the bed!?!) then retracts to the 3mm above and moves to the back of the heated bed, but centered on the midline? It does not go to the number 1 position, in the back left corner, as depicted in the manual. I can’t decide if the I put the bed on in the wrong place or if there is some other post-build calibration I need to do to tell the print head where it is in relation to the heated bed?

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This confused me at first too. If I recall correctly you have to press the 1 on the touch screen to make it move to that point. Same for 2 3 and 4. Remember to press save after adjusting all 4 locations.

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I figured out my mistake! I mounted the X axis module backwards.

I did the same thing!