3d printing is off center on the heated bed

I am trying to print a large model. 124mm x 120mm. The model in in the center in Snapmakerjs but when I try and print it is not centered on the bed. It is shifted to the left so the left side of the model is just off the edge of the bed. There is plenty of room on the right. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there an adjustment somewhere so the model is centered when printing?

Same issue here. Wanted to print the storage box but it is of center. In the Snapmakerjs its fits really good but when I converted it to a G-code and start printing it. It’s shifted at one side and the filament won’t even touch the bed. The nozzle spits it out about 3mm next to it at the snap maker base. Is it possible to solve this?

I’m trying to print the same thing. I was able to get it to print by by making an adjustment. In snapmakerjs I rotated it 90 degrees then moved it all the was right and forward. It was just rough so all sides were on the bed.

Thanks! This worked!


Same issue but I moved the X axis in the Snapmaker 3D App by 0.5mm and just fits.
Someone said that it might be the screws attached to the wrong holes in the Z axis module. I checked and mine were fine. Still dont know why there is a discrepancy between the bed and the App…


Hi I got my repaired Snapmaker yesterday and I face the same Problem.
Is there not a Hardware solution. Because the bed is so small that 7mm count.

Stupid me, I put the x axis one hole to the left. :thinking::scream:

I just got a new snapmaker V1 and noticed the same issue when leveling the bed. The 4 points are shifted to the left. It seems to be an issue only affecting the x axis.

So if I have a full size, edge to edge model, I have to shrink it and then move to the right 5mm. Is this what e everyone else is doing or is there a setting that will permenantly shift the model right 5mm?

Did you check if the four screws for the heat bed were in the right positions and the heat bed itself is centered? If so check your image you want to print in the workstation section to see what the software says. You shouldn’t need to shrink the model if there was an issue related solely to the x-axis.

I have SM2 A150 and having a similar problem. When I send the file to my machine from Luban and hit start on the touch screen, the machine auto levels again and then goes to the front left section of the bed and stays there. The file I am using is the vase that is in Luban. Thought I would try something that should work. I am at a loss as to why my machine is not moving. The print head stays at a good temp as does the bed. Any help would be appreciated.

As the G-code states, the head moves to the left bottom corner and heat the nozzle and bed, and start printing initial layer when temp stabilized (the bed may take over 1min to reach target temp). Try wait longer or lower the target temperature of bed (or both) to test if it’s the temp issue.

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Thank you for the response. Now the bed reaches temperature and will maintain but the hot end will not stay hot. This is a problem because when the bed reaches temperature it wants to start printing but will not extrude the PLA material since the hot end is not hot.

So the bed could reach the target temperature but the nozzle wouldn’t? What was the set nozzle temp and what was the working temp when the issue happened?

so the default settings for PLA in Luban is print temp is 205, print temp initial layer 205, final print temp 200. Build plate temp 50, build plate temp initial layer 70. When I left the build plate temp initial layer to 70 and transferred the file over wifi, the build plate would only reach 50 so the print would never start. I lowered the build plate temp initial layer to 50 and output the g-code again and it would start printing when the bed temp reached 50. But as you can see from the photo there was a system error about 10-15 mins into the print.

The 10-15 mins it did print the quality was very good. Frustrating to say the least. Any help would be appreciated.