Print gets 70% complete and nozzle starts hitting print. Mayhem ensues

I’ve been trying to print an ornament for the past week. I’ve calibrated the print bed multiple times and even used a level on it to see if there were any issues.

I paused the above/latest print in an effort to raise the z axis and continue but it wouldn’t resume.

I haven’t found any Snapmaker Original posts on this topic.

Did you enable retraction and z hop when retracted?

Hitting print
I had the same issue. Next to the nozzle is a smal square probe(magnetic) with Sealed screws. This one caused the collision
Lose the screws a little and raise the probe until its not lower than the nozzle
Check this

Retraction was enabled but z hop was not. I enabled (and also happened to switch to a different PLA) and the print worked fine. I switched back to the original PLA just to try it and see if it works.

Thanks @dstarke

This wasn’t the issue in this case but I’ll keep this in mind if that probe becomes an issue.

That’s not how you properly adjust the probe…

How should i adjust it ?


Thanks a lot i was not aware of this manual
I found it now on the internet.