Print defect on same spot


I bought the snapmaker F250 and started to print. After a lot of trying I got decent prints.

Can someone tell me what causes the line in the picture? And how I can solve it? It is always on the same spot.

Thank you very much in advance.


Your line is caused when the printer moves to print the next layer. When the print head moves up, a blip of filament is left behind. You should be able to fix this by enabling retraction.

It’s the Z seam where the outer perimeters start and stop. In most slicers you can choose where these are, either aligned, random, or ‘painted’ on so you dictate where they go. On most prints, slicers try to hide the seem points in corners where it’s less visible, however on round objects, that’s not possible. Most of the time random is used, but it can look sort of like zits all over, and aligned usually looks better like you have there. If you look further up, it looks like it put the seam points in the inside corner trying to hide it. While you can adjust things to minimize the look, it’s unavoidable, it’s just part of the 3d printing process.

The only way to fully eliminate it, is printing in spiral contour or “vase” mode, which prints a single line continuous all the way up, which is good for single-wall vases and the like.

Here’s a link with more information on it.

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