3D print quality

Hello all. I am having a simple issue for you all maybe but for me it’s been quite a struggle. I have Snapmaker 2.0 and I keep getting two things wrong with my prints.

One is the vertical line that no matter what I seem to change it is there. The other is the defects in the outside wall. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

The vertical line is caused by the slicer → it is the point where the outerline was completed. When the next start is at the same position such a line is visible.

Sand the surface smooth if that’s important.

I understand. I am trying to minimize if not remove the need for sanding and painting.

I no what you mean with

my experience with PLA ist that it is nearly not possible to sand it or paint it (without filler).

I smoothened the surface a bit with peeling off the object with a sharp blade.

I recalibrated the extruder and dropped the nozzle temp to 205. The recommended temp for the filament was 210 but this seems to be working a lot better. I also reduced the retraction to 3mm instead of 5mm and took the speed down to 40.

Indeed, that’s what it is.
Try and try.
Only so doïng you become familiar with your machine.
I’m a 3D print hobbyist for 7 years and i’m learnig still every day.
There is no exact formula to let the miracle work.
Find your own way.

There will always be a seam line. Most objects can hide the seam line in a corner.

On cylinderical object there are two ways to deal with the seam, but it will always be present.
a) have it all in one line
b) spread randomly on each layer

You have it spread randomly which is set in the slicer.

You could create a vertical indent in the surface of the cylinder, and position the entire seam line inside it. That would stop all those blotches on the surface, and prevent the seam from interfering with mating surfaces.