Semi-consistently spaced visible lines

Hello there

So I have had this issue forever and I decided it was time to see what anyone thinks about this.

Its more noticable on objects that are not textured, flat (or curved) for a relatively long distance.

There are these lines that sort of swirl their way up on my prints. I have some photos I just took of a really good example (which is why i decided to bring it up).

They don’t affect the durability but they are making otherwise perfect prints flawed.

I have spent a lot of time fine tuning everything and overall the machine is running optimally, except for this.

What do you suppose is causing it?

I put some arrows next to the more obvious ones visible with my toaster grade camera but it effectively is all the way around the part.

i can think of maybe backlash being the issue but why would it be so consistent and

i still havent tried to play with the backlash as of now because i just dont have the wherewithal to load up the laser module to figure it out properly. havent even tried it yet.

Some suggestions but I have not seen anything like that myself.
Have you tried using a different slicer from what ever you are using?
Try and work out which layer is giving the problem and make sure there is nothing odd around there. You van can do this in Cura or Prusa slicer quite well or use NC Viewer.
Could it be something to do with layer height and Z Axis movement. Seemingly the magic number for Snapmaker is 0.04mm and it’s best practice to use a layer height thats divisible by 0.04? Try changing the layer height. Does it still happen in the same place?
Best of luck finding the issue.

I guess I can try it with cura.

I use simplify3d normally