3D Model of Snapmaker Original

Hello Togehter

to plan some addons it would be nice to have a 3D Model of the Snapmaker and Enclosure ( with Drills into the glasses) .

Is it possible to release these Models?

Have found it.
Already done:D

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Are you trying to create an addon yourself?

Jup. I run into the issue that my filament will always break after some days.

I have the original Enclosure ( with Filament-Rolle attached from outside) and could nor find a good Filament guide through the enclosure.

Oh I see. I don’t know why but I was thinking you were going to design a module or something :sweat_smile: But yea it is kind of werid that you are having an issue with filament breaking. Are you using the standard 1.75mm PLA or something else?

Here you can see my problem.
I plan to add a filament guide on top of the z Axis and use a tube through the glas in the back.

Do you have some other Ideas?

What if you turnaround your spool so that the filament will come up from the bottom? Then it will be only one bow inside your housing and not two.

You can try putting the filament on top of the enclosure and feed the filament through the top where the Snapmaker logo is. You can 3D print a filament Holder like this one (just for reference) and place it on top of the enclosure. Then you wouldn’t have your filament snapped at the entry.

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