PLA Filament Reel Jamming

I am suffering from frequent filament jams resulting in no extrusion (and therefore a fear that the filament may break in a difficult to fix place). I have tried several filament guides but none give a clean angle to draw-off filament. Generally it is filament that is coming off the near-edge of the reel rather than the centre. I have had to scrap many objects and it is tiring having to monitor constantly. I have also tried rewinding the filament … without resolving the root problem.
Does anyone have any suggestions, advice, recommendations … please…?

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One of the first prints I made was this Filament guide for Snapmaker from Thingiverse
Snapmaker Filament Spoolholder and Guide.
It works great and I have used it ever since.
Make sure you feed so that the filament is taken off the bottom right of the spool.
A further improvement would be to add a teflon guide tube - one is included with the Snapmaker Enclosure, but these can be purchased separately from 3D printing supply stores - Don’t use rubber or plastic tubing !!!

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It sounds like the filament spool is getting jammed up. This happened to me on certain spools that have lots of holes near the center. The bolt head from the filament holder on the Snapmaker would get stuck in one of these filament spool holes preventing it from rotating freely.

This is when I created (over-engineered) the Minimal Spool Reel Guide for Snapmaker. It prevents the spool from rubbing against the filament holder and the bearings provide a smoother rotation.

Also made Screen Bracket and Filament Guide for Snapmaker to hold the filament above the module. This was my first creation for the Snapmaker.

There are tons of other filament holders and guides on Thingiverse. Good luck!

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I have been using a similar guide mounted on the z-axis pillar. This is still taking filament off the close edge of the reel (as shown by your photo). This is where it is jamming on the reel. In fact my printed filament guide snapped with the resulting force!

I will try this. Hopefully I can print it without too many problems!
Many thanks

My solution for this:

Or the older design but it has some troulbles since it’s rolling too good:


I really like the Yet Another Snapmaker Tool Holder, for the above reasons. The spool is positioned above the print head, and is less likely to bind.

And I have someplace to hang my tools and put the engraving/CNC screws too.

Just keep an eye on the print, it’s a big one. There’s a decent chance your stock spool holder will bind while printing it. :frowning:

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. Having a reel spindle seems to be the ideal solution. Many of the suggestions were quite complicated though. I used Tinkercad to produce a simple reel hub that was ‘sprung’ to accommodate size variations (to a degree). The filament does come off quite easily now with little force. In doing this, I noticed that the metal Snapmaker spindle has a clear plastic sleeve. Should this be removed? It did not say anything about this in the setup guide. Anyway thanks for your help!

For the Spoolholder I suggested, leave the sleeving on!

I have tried 3 different filament guides now, and still suffer from jamming. It always occurs when the spool of filament starts threading from the side nearest the printer (and so the sharpest angle). The Snapmaker has the spool perpendicular to the printer. It needs to be rotated by 90 degrees so that it spools directly off to the extruder head. Does anyone have any real solution for this?

Hmm… What I did was use a zip-tie on the nylon tube on the far-side of the enclosure, so it held a good angle of approach to the reel. Also, I used Kelvin8r’s spool reel.

Never had these problems again after installing after installing my spool holder + PTFE tube (included in the enclousure set)

The filament is always pulled from the same position.

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I have found another device (up to now I had been just searching for filament guides) and so far this has been working very nicely:

This has also been posted by @clewis - but I had failed to follow it up! (I had not really noticed it had a different spindle setup … what an idiot I am!)

Again… Snapmaker Filament Spoolholder and Guide works a treat.