Power problems with SM2 and enclosure

Hi folks - I have an odd error with my SM2/350f. I have an enclosure, as well as the dual extrusion head. I recently took my 'maker offline to replace the rails, add the quick change kit, and install the stop button. When I reconnected it, when I have the enclosure cable plugged into addon 3 (2 up from power) on the snapmaker cable hub, the heartbeat does not come on nor does the front ‘phone’ boot up. When I disconnect the cable, both functions immediately start.

Has anyone encountered this? Is my power supply (the new one) misbehaving? I have the latest firmware - installed so that I can use the dual extruder - so unless there’s a bug there, I doubt that it’s due to that. Anyone have any thoughts?

I don’t have any of those accessories, but I wondered if the emergency stop button is the cause, it may be stuck or has some sort of reset on it?

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Great thought - I will check that and post later

Nope - I disconnected the stop button completely but the second the enclosure cable goes into ‘Addon 3’ port, the power crashes and the front controller blanks out. I have to either power cycle or unplug/plugin the front controller after disconnecting the enclosure cable

Pictures of the cable connections would help.

Hey @deemsh - I will do that later but now I have a different issue.

I finally got the heated bed and dual extrusion head to respond; however, now all rails are completely inactive. I have double and triple checked the cable layout and it’s as per spec, however, I don’t even get a whine or a noise when attempting to move the bed or head via Luban (I am unable to do so via the front controller as it’s stuck in the dual extrusion calibration setup, and the rails won’t move for step 2).

I’m even more confused now; I pulled one of the old rails out and tried to see if I could get the x axis even moving and nothing happens, again via Luban. I am at a loss of how to troubleshoot right now. Does anyone have suggestions? There is a heartbeat, the bed heats up, and the head shows a blue light so power is still getting through to at least some of the of outlets on the machine, it that helps

Start with exporting the log and post it here or send it to support@snapmaker.com

Are you sure the different linear modules are not interchanged?

Copy that re: the logs. I am certain about the rails - I replaced them in one fell swoop rather than piecemeal

@xchrisd here are the logs
server - Copy.zip (9.4 KB)

Hey, obviously you posted the logs of Luban (didnt know about this possibility)…

Please export the touchscreen logs and post it here:

@xchrisd My apologies - I misunderstood. Here they are from the machine proper
H.zip (264.8 KB)

Your machine seems false assembled:

39189,1970.01.01 00:00:39.189,DEBUG,SC,M1005
Marlin SM2-4.6.5
Compiled: Jan 16 2024, 12:20:16
PACKAGE: Snapmaker_V4.6.5
Module Ver:
Module 0x00C275DA: v1.13.17
Module 0x00C275D8: v1.13.17
Module 0x00106CD4: v1.9.2
Module 0x00C85D4E: v1.13.17
Module 0x00C85D78: v1.13.17
Module 0x00C85D86: v1.13.17
linear_tmc X1 length: 356 mm, lead: 8 mm
linear_tmc Y1 length: 356 mm, lead: 8 mm
linear_tmc Z1 length: 356 mm, lead: 20 mm
linear_tmc Y2 length: 356 mm, lead: 20 mm

linear_tmc Z2 length: 356 mm, lead: 20 mm
Machine Size: U


Your Z Axis should be 8mm lead. Interchange to the correct railtypes and try again.
You should be able to see the leadsize on one size of your linear modules.

Additionaly i guess the quick swap kit is not enabled in the touchscreen settings?

Ok @xchrisd - between you and support, I fixed the rails issue. Basically I had assembled it incorrectly, as you surmised and then I had swapped the Z and Y cables. This is all fixed and now the rails are responding properly.

I then attempted to plug in the enclosure cable and it crashed. Interestingly, the power supply started a slow flashing when I did this.

I have attached the latest logs - I’m wondering if my power supply is the problem. The power cycled when I plugged in the USB stick. I had to wiggle USB-C end of the controller to restart it.

whoops - here are the last logs
H.zip (258.4 KB)

Do you know that this machine-cables are not “hot-swap” able?- This means you should not connect or disconnect anything while operation.

I did not. With this info, I turned everything off and turned the power back on; the front controller did not come on and the power supply flashed white light every second or so (much faster than the six second heartbeat). Unplugging the enclosure cable from the hub immediately allowed everything to power up.

I also tested another cable but neither allowed the machine to power up when the enclosure was connected to the hub