Power module internal fan replacement

I replaced the small fan on the back power module for a hydraulic one, perfect and quite, but also would like to replace the internal one which is bigger, does anyone knows the specs of it or any suggestion as to which fan would be a good replacement?

There is a topic about changing fans, in general it it not recommended to change the internal PSU fan as it won’t get much better.

I can understand is not recommended because of warranty, I’m past that, but it was a thought I had, I might dig into it just for the sake of curiosity.
Thank you for your comment.

Conveniently fans are specified by their size for example a 25 mm square fan that’s 10 mm thick is called a 2510. I don’t know if I’ve seen anybody else post exactly what the fan is but you can remove it measure it and order replacement based on that naming scheme and be sure to match voltage as well.

Hydraulic bearings would be quieter if you can find one

brent, we learn something new everyday, thank you. Will report back if or when I find one and maybe a little video comparing before and after fan replacement.

I can’t remember if it was here or on FB, but there was some discussion about there being a baffle for the light behind the grill. They found that it seemed to only be there to diffuse the light and make it look cool. But it ends up obstructing the airflow and in doing so increases the noise.By removing that it quieted it down quite a bit for them.


Yes I saw that, but not sure if it does anything other than the “cool” factor, glad you mentioned it, is coming out :).
I’m not a physicist but the running fans plus more electrical elements it changes the sound harmonics overall, specially if it is positioned next to it.
Thank you.


yes, someone also designed a 3d printed front to replace the original to keep the light effect but with holes to allow the air to flow. Seems the improvement in noise and cooling was important.