Postprocessor mods for Cura or Simplify3D for A350T (not A350)

I have a newbie question for my new purchased of the A350T. I found a lot of postprocessing adaptation for A350. Since A350T have different diameter for the x-y linear leads, should we have to modify profile found for A350 in per exemple Cura and Simplify3D ?


Short version: no.

Long version:

Snapmaker only ships the revised linear modules as replacements now, so a fair number of machines that started out as Kickstarter-fulfillment-era A350s are using them. So for practical purposes, that “T” is meaningless, and anyway, it’s the machine’s firmware’s job to keep track of distance travelled, and it adjusts automatically to the type of linear modules installed. So no, I wouldn’t change anything unless you have reason to believe there’s an issue with the profile (that is, you’re getting bad prints and there’s no other obvious fix).

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Thanks you so much, that was really one question that maked me unconfortable. So now I will be safer to play with other slicers. I have sufficient skill to ask some tricky questions, but not enough to be confident.