Post processing

Hello… i was Just wondering if anyone have useful working post processor for masrercam software… i really like to use my A350 for more than 2 or 2 1/2D, but i don’t want to use fusion 360… i use mastercam for my work in the last 30 years…

Hi @Zoli ,

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I am sorry that the MasterCam post-processor file is still in the to-do lists.

Find the post-processer files in our GitHub repository:

Software Status link versions
Snapmaker Luban Stable
Fusion 360 Stable v2.0.9937
FreeCAD Testing v0.18
ArtCAM Testing v2018.0.0
Mastercam TODO
Aspire Testing v9.514

yes thank you… i did see this on the web site, before i bought the machine…, actually that was one of the reason i decided on buying, thinking the the machine is or will be comparable with master cam…
it is a little-bit disappointing that it’s not, but what can we do, make a best of it from what we have :joy::man_shrugging:

I don’t know much about MasterCam, but if it’s capable of outputting GRBL flavor that can be converted to Marlin.

master cam has many programmable methods, for different machining… such as wire edm, cnc mill, cnc lathe, router… for many many different machines… like haas, fanuc… and so on so forth… i usually change the post processors to more my liking, and sometimes i use and change the genetic post for a new or different machines… however, master cam post output is *•nc and not *.cnc like snapmaker… i tried to change that on master cam, and i edited and manually changed the codes in program , but the snapmaker still dint recognized the program…
oh well, fusion 360 is ok for now… :joy::man_shrugging:

The file extension is not indicative of it’s contents. If that’s the only problem then rename the file before sending.

Cnc needs to be .cnc file type.
Laser .nc
3d printing .gcode


yes i know… that’s why i can’t get a mastercam genetic post working :blush::cry: master cam out puts *.nc for all matching type , regardless if it’s lathe wire edm mill or router

You just have to rename it to .cnc in your finder.


tried that… machine still won’t recognize the g code

Many be you can share the file with us and we can check it at our end. I am not sure if the machine cannot read the header codes of the file, as the machine cannot read the header codes generated by other software and the machine cannot read the file fully.

Thank you in advance.

Tested on ARTCAM 2008 - OK
Everything is working!!!

Download over the network via Snapmaker Luban or via USB.