Position of object not in the center

why the position not in the center when i upload the G-code.
How can i move it?

I have asked this question several times but I have not yet received an answer that makes any sense.

Not sure why they do it that way.
It is showing it will be in the center. The small gray line is indicating where the center will be.

Just went to try it in Luban and show how it does that in mine and it’s fine.
Now it’s perfectly centered.
Have you updated to Luban 3.9?
I think they fixed it.
Just make sure it’s centered under the cnc, laser, 3d tabs. If you right click on the object you can center automatically.

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Good to know. I wonder if it works on importing files.

Thank you S! It worked and I suddenly became impressed. :smile: I am still using Luban 3.8.0 but something has changed in the way it talks to imported files.

I was able to use Easel to create a design and bring it into Luban. It appeared in the correct place without any lines drawn from the upper right quadrant to the centre. You will probably have seen my cribbage board files for @StumbleRunner.

The holes in the cribbage board I did in Easel came across just fine.

Luban holes in cribbage board.

Easel has a GCode export option but rather than that, I used the download .zip file option from the file menu. The gives you a text file with some settings (not GCode ) and an .svg file.

Here is an example of a quick .svg file I did in Easel and let Luban process. (the cribbage board holes)

The Easel interface is lovely to use for a beginner so that is now one more option to use. The machine option is set to other grbl and other and then the advance button gets you the [Save GCode] button and after you have pressed it, you get the [Export GCode] button.

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