Centre a project for cnc

as stated - using cnc, and luban on a mac
using the rectangle function - is there a way of centring it on the board after you create it?

with pictures, i simply delete them and then put them back on the board. if not centred.

background - i have to use a pointer to create the rectangle, then specify the size in the boxes (which is not centred), i then have to visually centre the box (which i can get pretty close but not exact)

from memory - have tried “command” + shift + click and “command” + click

any help appreciated - even if it is just to say “no function to centre” - so i know :slight_smile:

Right click on image. Menu will pop up, select reference position, center.
(have to be under editor tab)

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thanks, your awesome @sdj544 :slight_smile: