Position Manager tool (mostly meant for CNC)

I’d like to share a tool I’ve made and been using for some time now; I called it “Marlin Position Manager”. In short, it allows you to store and recall printer positions. As the name implies, it’s compatible with Marlin printers.


What it does is pretty much explained in this diagram:

The positions that are stored are persisted (saved in an XML file in the folder where the .exe resides).

For those interested: If there is interest, I will open-source it on GitHub when I have the time. For now I am only sharing the .exe. I understand that you may be hesitant to download a compiled .exe, so I have run it through VirusTotal for your convenience: VirusTotal results. If this still does not convince you, please let me know you’re interested and I’ll start working on getting it on GitHub.

Download is attached.
MarlinPositionManager.zip (52.9 KB)


Looks really interesting. This could also be useful for repeating laser jobs where you’ve built a jig to hold material (cork coasters in my case).

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How/where does it get installed and executed?

It’s a standalone application, so you should be able to extract it to a folder of your choice and start it from there. If that doesn’t work please let me know.

I don’t want to sound too stupid, but here goes.

Loaded my G-code file from USB stick to Snapmaker controller.
Loaded Position Manager on my computer.

Since there isn’t any connection between these machines I don’t see how the PM knows where the CNC head is.

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Very good point actually, I completely forgot to mention that it relies on a serial connection set up on the left side of the tool. You’ll have to connect your computer to your Snapmaker via USB.

I’d love to add support for WiFi as well, but the lack of API documentation from Snapmaker makes it a hassle.

H Mayco.

I am interested in the source code. If you get a chance, please post it.