M codes available through api

It would be nice that when executing M114 through the snapmaker api that the current position is returned.
Now I can see only the end position with the status method but the execute method with code=M114 should give back the current position so that I know at what moment the tool head has arrived at his destination.
Can this be added in the future?

I am not really fluent on the marlin stuff very well but

Connected via serial (usb) i am able to M114 and get a response.

Wifi does not have the ability to respond

Is this helpful for you?

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Yes I know wifi doesn’t offer it, but it would be nice if they can add this to the api as well. It will make my life easier :slight_smile:

What is your intention to request that? Let us know

We all would love if they would let us wifi the console, maybe someday they will… but im not optimistic.