Cnc etc software

hi there,

I’m basically just getting started with the sm2.0 after playing with a creality printer for a year or so waiting for my snapmaker. Now that I have the thing i’d really like to use the laser and especially the cnc. module but there is no software for it other than luban.

luban is sort of no to so great but will get you on your wa with laser. but with cnc there is absolutely nothing aside from the gcode for the phone stand. Or at least it seems that way.

Am I missing something or is snapmaker a crippled product without proper software?
If not, which software should I get to get on my way with for instance pcb milling ? I mean I’ve been playing with 360 but it’s hard to get the profiles installed and the even harder to get anything fromm there into the cnc snapmaker module.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

~ michel