Filament Struck inside the Extruder


I had been using the Snapmaker original to 3D print some project with great success and quality. However, 2 weeks ago, the filaments jam inside the extruder in every prints. I had update/ roll back the firmware, but the problem still there. I had dismantled the print head at not less than 30 times. Hope someone here can help. Thanks

Have you seen the Filament melted into the Module massively thread? There are some good suggestions there.

If that doesn’t help, Snapmaker has a section in the manual about clearing a jammed print head.

It does sound like you’re familiar with the process, since you said you dismantled the print head at least 30 times. One of the comments mentioned that the fan might be dislodged, or not spinning, which causes the filament to overheat. Can you confirm that the fan is actually spinning while it’s printing?

Hi Clewis, thanks for your suggestion. The fan are still working. I try adjusting the temperature sensor placement to see if any improvements. If this don’t work maybe I need to order a new 3d printing module.

No luck. Same problem again. Looks like the extruder trying to push the filament to the nozzle, but there might lost heat and unable o melt the filament

The pattern of ridges on end of the filament looks odd. If you zoom in on the filament in the last picture, it looks like the feeder is having trouble pushing the filament, which causes the feeding wheel to grind the filament. At least to me, that doesn’t look like a healthy feeder gripping pattern.

I see that your filament looks normal at the top of the frame, then looks like it’s stretched out inconsistently near the ribbon cable, then has that ridged pattern below. Is this normal clear PLA, or something special? I know the snapmaker has trouble with some of the flexible filaments, but that’s usually a problem with them flexing while being pushed. Your filament looks like it’s been stretched out. Although that could be a heating problem too. Did you have to release this filament to get this picture, or just pull it up and out of the print head?

Were you been watching when the problem happened? I’m wondering if maybe your filament is binding up, and the feeding mechanism can’t pull enough to do a proper extrusion. The texture on the top of your second picture looks like some material is extruding, in a few places, but not nearly enough.

I had a problem when my filament was mounted on the back of the Z axis (the suggested location). When the filament was getting close to the end of the spool, it would bind, and the feed mechanism wasn’t able to pull in enough filament. I eventually fixed it by mounting the filament on top of the Z axis using the YASTH, but there are other filament guides that should work.

Clewis has good suggestions. If nothing there helps, pull the whole nozzle by using the Allen, removing the heater and sensor from the nozzle, then using the Allen on the inside to remove the whole block. With this out and the filament removed you should be able to see all the way through the hole you feed the filament into. Look around in there, there could be a weird piece of filament causing you problems.

  • Sent some suggestion via the ticket.
  • Please read the limited warranty policies before you dismantle the module.
  • The following actions will void this warranty
    1. Any modification made to any hardware or firmware of the Product;
    1. Abuse, misuse or improper storage of the Product;
    1. Use the Product for any illegal purposes;
    1. Serviced by distributors other than Snapmaker or an authorized Snapmaker distributor;
    1. Use non-supported, unapproved or improper filament or materials with the Product;
    1. Disassemble or repair without authorization by Snapmaker or the Distributor.

Yah I’m not suggesting dismantling the module. Just removing the hotend and looking through.

Thanks guy, we found the problem. The 3D module was overheating, causes filaments at the extruder soften and not able to travel to the nozzle. Therefore the filament coil around extruder. We print out the modified side plate with air duct which solve the problem. I’m now back printing…


Hi Danmat,
If/when you find where to buy a new 3d printing module, could you share with us the link?