Plastic extrusion issue

Just got my snapmaker 2.0. Very excited and trying to use it, but now twice, within 30 mins I’ve had this issue where the plastic stops being extruded, and when I pull out the plastic I see gearing lines then a bend and very thinned out bit of plastic, as shown in the photo below. Any suggestions on how to fix it?!

Usually one of two causes, either the nozzle is blocked by being too close to the bed or there is too much tension on the filament feed into the extruder.


thank you very much for your response, Any tips on how to resolve that second issue with too much tension? I’ve just got it hanging on the feeder as the set up suggested.
Thanks Again!

It would have to have be completely stuck somewhere to cause that much grinding by the look of it.
It can sometimes be a badly wound reel. I’ve often found that if I accidently let go of the end, it somehow tangles somehow and I need to spend some time sorting it out.

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Thanks for the reply!
As an update: I chucked some bearings under the spool, and changed the print head to the spare that came with the box.
I managed to print for about 6 hours out of an 8 hour project before the issue happened again. I figured it might be the project itself (despite happening at very different times throughout the project), so chose a different print, and printed at 90% speed. The issue resurfaced after about 20 mins.
For reference: I’m using an A350, the spool that came with the printer, and default settings: PLA and normal speed setting, but slightly customised to include supports.
The spool is unobstructed, and I have a custom enclosure, so no wind/movement that might explain it.
Any other tips, could it be extruding too quickly?

Could be:

Nozzle too close causing blockage

Not enough heat on the nozzle causing a clog

Retraction settings causes filament to be eaten away - most likely culprit

I’m having this issue as well on a sunlu golden pla++ it’s so soft it eats away not matter how low the retraction is and how high the temperature it either gets eaten up by the gears or bends like a snake and gets itself stuck and there’s no way to change the gear tension so I’m out of luck

If you search for info on printing TPU you’ll find solutions for your soft PLA issues.
Slow down, turn off retraction, printing an adapter, using tape to hold door closed etc.


Tried most of those suggestions but I haven’t looked into techniques in printing tpu so I’ll see if that works thanks!

Also up nozzle temp so it flows easier/requires less pressure.


I actually tested the nozzle all the way to 275 which is the max for the a350 and it still managed to clog.

Clog is not the same a jammed. 275 seems excessive. 220-240, depending on the manufacturer. All the settings have to align to print TPU reliably. Slow, slow, slow until you figure out those settings. Then tweak to optimize.

I happened to print these today, sqishy toy using orange Ninjaflex and vacuum adaptor black Overture TPU…

I was printing in increments of five and reached from 200-275. I tweaked the speed and retraction settings, even turned retraction off and still a jam. I’m using PLA but it’s a cheap one so it might as well be tpu considering I’ve been unable to print anything because of how soft it is. The filament is sunlu gold silk pla. Is there a way to change the extruded tension? I don’t know what other settings I could tweak.

If you can’t even print PLA successfully, don’t even attempt TPU. What speed are you using (has to be slow like 18mm/s)? Retraction has to be off.

Are you saying you’ve never been able to print anything? Use the Snapmaker PLA that came with the machine and use the default settings.