Petg starts lifting at the corners

I found that my print started to lift at the corners, so I switched to my glass build plate for better adhesion and raised the temperature of my print bed to a whopping 85 degrees, that seemed to solve the problem. But when I came back the next day the corners are almost lifted by a centimeter, what can I do more to fix this. It’s I pretty big print, so chances are the heat bed still doesn’t really get to the corners.

Add brim or better mouse ears if theey fit, make sure there is no air movement while it’s printing keep enclosure closed and warm.

+1 for the Brim. I switched most of my prints to a brim to make sure that the corners were good. After the print I deburr it.

Thanks guys, will check at next print, I’m letting this one finish because it was already halfway, and it uses 400 grams in total. The corners are not crucial, but it is ugly.

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Print first layer a bit slow,
Brim, brim and brim…
or you can add small rounded feet to the first layer, they act like a brim and are easy to remove. there’s a Cura plug in for that if you use Cura.

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im using luban.

Deburring what got annoying for me quickly :slight_smile:
I went with this -

it’s pretty easy to add using any slicer and built In shapes.


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing