PCTG & nozzle size

Hi All,
Does anybody have any idea what settings would good for PCTG filament?
Also I assume the dual extruder uses the same nozzle size (M6)?
Any advise would be helpful. Thanks

What little information I can find suggests that PCTG prints like PETG, so you’ll need nozzle temperatures in that range (230-250C). It doesn’t appear to be a very common filament yet, so there may not be anyone here who’s had experience with it.

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Cool Thanks. I haven’t bought any PCTG filament yet but will dial in PETG settings as a starting point.

PCTG does print similar to PETG, though I find bumping the temps up 5-10C works a bit better. It does have a tad bit worse adhesion than PETG, so use brims accordingly. That said, I don’t have experience with the stock build sheet, I use a double sided textured/smooth PEI springsteel sheet.

Thanks. I’ll put that in my notes for when I get around to purchasing a reel of PCTG.
I have never had an issue printing PETG with a brim on the stock build sheet so I’ll give it a go!