I am looking for PETG settings and limitations with the J1S

I just received my J1S. I am trying to get some PolyMaker PolyLite PETG printing properly.
I use PETG Extensively on my Bambu Lab Series printers. I have had some success using 265 nozzle and 70 for the bed temp. the products I am producing are inverted cones with a fairly aggressive overhang. It was printing fine on the Bambu, but when I print on the J1S, the overhangs curl up badly, the nozzle hits it and it falls over. There is also a significant amount of wispy stringing. I am modifying the items to be two color, hence the purchase of the J1S. (the AMS with the X1C printers never worked that well for me) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

265 looks pretty high to me - I have the best results with 235. Did you print a temp tower?

Same here. With some PETG filaments, I actually have to go lower than 235 to minimize stringing.

apologies for the late reply, ive been using petg as a support for PLA and Nylon. Currently, i find that running the temp high works great when printing PETG on a steel nozzle. For the matter hackers PETG, a steel nozzle cannot work. had to switch to brass. CF petg worked fine on steel and Overture space grey worked great. the overture works best for higher temp materials.