Pause function on SM1

I don’t have a SM2, so IDK if this is on it. But I can tell you it would be nice if the SM1 had a pause function. Like if you needed to for whatever reason change the filament mid print or whatever. It would be nice to have an ability to pause the print and not completely stop it.
One thing that would need to happen if this is added is when the machine is pause. It needs to increase the Z by a little so the print doesn’t damage. And the ability to change filament should be allowed. Obviously the thing needs to completely back off to the side to allow this. But the machine could just earmark the last line it was on within the gcode so it knows where it was, and it can just go back there.

The SM2 DOES have this feature and it is nice. Now they just need to make it work via g-code so you can put it where you want to change colors or insert a part to get encapsulated etc.

It would be nice if they could implement it for the SM1 too. @parachvte?

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For SM1, use Snapmakerjs to online print, you can use the pause function.