How to pause print to insert magnet

I want to insert magnet to my model, so I tried in some method, but failed. Which command enables to pause printing and resume.
I tried as follows;
M601: Pause print
M600: Filament change pause
M76: Pause the print job time
G4: Dwell
when I tried with G4, printing was paused, but not resumed. From the touch panel to resume, extruder extruded filament, moved to a point but no more work. From Luban to resume, made stop working J1 and J1 stopped the work.

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M600 is supported on the older Snapmaker models, so if it doesn’t work on the J1, you should probably report a bug.

If this model is a once-off and you just want it done, you can snip the filament when the print reaches about the right point and insert the magnet when the runout sensor triggers, then reload the filament and continue as usual. (I’m assuming that the J1 has a filament runout sensor and that yours is working correctly—you may want to test first.)

Thank you. I’ll report this case as a bug. Finally, I observe J1 during printing, and paused manually and put a magnet.

Hi, I’m interested in this topic.

Is there an update already?
Or did you manage to pause otherwise with gcode?

Thanks in advance

I found V2.4.7 support M600. But I haven’t tried.

I hope you’ll try it.

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Thanks for the fast reply!

That sounds good.
I haven’t bought the printer yet, but asked myself if it’s possible to pause printing without problems (because I had problems like this with my current printer) and found your post.
I will try, but it may take a few weeks until I get the J1.


In Ultimaker Cura I got it to work by using the Change Filament setting at a certain level instead of the Pause Printing. The print head parks and the hand held says ready to load.

I have the J1 and do this often to insert nuts. Never had any problems. I use Prusaslicers paus function that adds the paus command m600 z100. Not sure what would happen on tall prints though…