Parameter Search Bar

Is there not a search bar in Luban? I’m peering through 1000 parameters and materials settings and I have to remember exactly where each one is? Isn’t Luban based on Cura, because Cura has one.

Please tell me I’m dumb and don’t see it.

Well…you’re not dumb. It’s not there. While Luban is BASED on Cura, it does not follow it exactly; there is no search function in Luban.

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Sarcastic cool

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IMO, if you want all those print settings, you should just use Cura. Luban is meant to be noob friendly. Most of the advanced users use dedicated Slicer, CNC, and Laser software.

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I’m torn on this. I’m catching on that this is how it’s done, but I don’t find it acceptable. Luban has a ton of useful settings when you get out of basic mode, they’re just more difficult to access/control. I’d prefer to see Snapmaker take this more seriously.

There are a lot of downsides to Luban but there are a lot of upsides to too (at least for Artisan):

  1. Artisan isn’t available in Cura rn
  2. Luban shows the dual zone heated bed boundaries
  3. I love Luban’s gcode previewer (for 3D printing at least) - it’s great for quick adjustments
  4. I can start/monitor on my machine right from there
  5. For laser cutting I get the camera preview to better align my cuts

I could finagle 3rd party software to make most of that work but I’d rather push SM to progress their 1st party solution.