Help! Is there a definitive Guide for Luban?

Hello Everyone, Brand new to Snapmaker (only had it 1 day). I’m a complete novice, so if i’m repeating anything, please forgive. Bought to help my two sons prepare for the future. Built and tested, but that’s where it stops. I’m finding using Luban very frustrating and I can’t seem to find any answers. there doesn’t seem to be a definitive guide about using Luban. Everything starts:- Prepare machine Level bed ect-Get G code - Start printing/cnc/engraving, Finish… But what about the bits in between? As I’ve stated I’m a complete novice. Is there a guide anywhere that could help me? I need to know things like:-

  1. Importing a image to be worked on , from either the web or my Picture library, how do i know they’re the right type?.
  2. how do i know if the product i download is compatible/ ( I’ve tried to down load a couple of small 3d prints online, but they only half load on Luban)
  3. Manipulating the image to fit my printer bed(my first project printed 4mm over the bed size)
    I would be grateful of any advice/help you could give me or just point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks in advance.

As far as I know there is no definitive guid for luban. Most of us feel that luban is poorly designed and buggy as hell. So most of us have moved on to other software that fulfills the fulfills the same functions. If you do a search you should be able to find the alternative software (i think I have answered that question like 10 times on this forum XD).

Let us know if your still having trouble and we will get you going.

Happy making

Hi Atom, thanks for your quick response, it’s very much appreciated.
Do you have any suggestions as what you consider the best program? I’m an older bloke who’s not completely computer savvy and my kids are only 11 & 7 so something easy would probably be better.

“Best” is pretty relative, whats the best car?

For 3d printing most people go with Cura or Simplify3d

For milling (Cnc) most people seem to go with fusion 360 but I find Estlcam a bit simpler to use.

For laser most people seem to be very happy with Lightburn

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Atom, Brilliant, thanks for the info I’ll be downloading those in the next few minutes.
Again, very much appreciated.
Kind regards

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I’ll add the “closest” thing would be this:

There are similar ones for the other processes. I actually found it useful, although I had to wrap my head around a couple things that could’ve been explained more clearly in it.

Thanks Brent, I’ll read these tonight. I was really struggling loading cura and was beginning to pull my hair out and getting frustrated, thing nearly went out the window around 5Oclock.

If I may be so bold, this is indeed a prolix and verbose version of the definitive guide to Luban. I might offer an edit, although it has the defect that the title is longer than the article.