Otcoprint for Raspberry

Curious is anyone is using this and if so any successes or issues they may have had?

I have a couple of Raspberrys that I could easily setup.

There are several threads in the forum:

The TL;DR appears to be “go for it!”

Setting up Octopi was super easy. Even the webcam. It may just be me, but I find printing from it so much easier than Cura or Snapmaker.

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Other slicers work well with it too, although it is a two-step process: slice to a gcode file and then upload the file to the OctoPi. I use Simplify3D. I keep my Snapmaker in a spare bedroom with the door closed (mainly to keep cats out), so it’s really nice to be able to see the progress over the webcam and in the gcode visualizer. I do babysit the print for the first layer or two just to make sure everything sticks, but then I can just leave it alone.

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Lol. Still run down and check it once in a while. Trust level isn’t to that point yet with the Snapmaker. :frowning:

1080p IR video really helps

I have been using it for the past year and find it very good, however I upload gcode to it and not using the built in slicers. I also find the spool ,management and web cam integration aspects very handy and running Nautilus and plugin on my mobile to monitor and manage prints while away.

It’s very flexible with lots of plugins and a fair bit of reading required to get it all working perfectly.


My camera only has 720. It was one I had sitting around collecting dust. lol

From what I have been reading that’s what most folks do. Slice in something else and upload the gcode.