OctoPi Custom Setups

Hello Everyone,

I’m curious to see what members have done to create their own OctoPi. I’ve got an idea for my own design but I want to see what others have done. I have a bunch of stuff ordered and will be here in the coming week. A brief description is I’ll create a tower to house a Pi 3 and the RPi camera, with the Snapmaker touch screen mounted to the top of it. GrabCAD has some wonderful CAD models for the Pi 3 and camera BTW.


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Hi @jbauer127, can’t wait to see your design. I was working on my mount this weekend. My criteria was to keep the printer and OctoPi server (RPi + cam) together as one piece. So i’m actually attaching an articulated arm to the front of the Y-axis. The Pi will sit in the baseplate where the original touchscreen position. I’ve moved the touchscreen to the top of the Z-axis.

Once I get the parts, print housing for it all, assemble and test, then I’ll share my designs on it.


Just posting so I see the responses and dont lose the thread.

@jbauer127 how’s your setup coming along? I’ve posted my setup on the OctoPi for the Snapmaker? thread. Hopefully you find it useful for your own setups.