Octopi software

Finally I print carbon fibre filament on my 3d printer with the Olsson Ruby nozzle and I rich to 280 degrees temperature . I think it’s not bad record :slight_smile:
I connect my raspberry pi 3 to the printer and now with the octoprint app (you can find it on the google store) I can control my 3d printer from outside of the home with the camera and when print it’s finished turn off the printer.
Even you not need slicer because it has cura engine already.
what else you want your printer do?
So octopi and octoprint 100% recommended.

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Would you please be so kind and link or write a tutorial for this? I got a PI3 laying around but have no Idea how to set this up :slight_smile:

It is all very well documented here:

All though somewhat technical.
Read more in this forum here:

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