Original router beds

Does anyone know where I can get a Snapmaker original router bed from, 2nd hand or new

The scrifical spoil board? They sell them in the online store or you can use MDF and double sided tape to make one on the CNC with files found on Thingiverse

Thanks again, but am after the aluminium bed, preferably with the clamp setup (saves me having to make one)

Gotcha, can I make a suggestion you are looking for the carriage under the bed not the bed itself. I would search for that instead, and those files are still on Thingiverse

The Original didn’t come with a spoil board, just the aluminium plate that was then used for both Laser and CNC. There isn’t really a carriage under the bed, the beds screw onto the mounting points that are part of the linear module.
It’s literally a 4mm thick square of aluminium with threaded holes in it (4 for attachment to linear rail, 16 for clamps).

Sorry, I can’t help with a new one, can you source a 4mm-ish thick bit of aluminium and tap your own holes?

Here’s a thingiverse post with dimensions and info. Any machine/metal fab shop should easily be able to make one for you fairly cheap.