How to get bed platform level?

The laser cares about this somewhat less, but for cnc other than cutting down the entire spoilboard (which you can’t since a bunch of the bed edge is physically unreachable by the toolhead – try it!) has anyone managed to get the bed level? Took calipers to the spoilboard and its actually not bad… it seems the actual metal platform is tilted a bit. Haven’t done 3d printing on this yet as I have a dedicated printer for that, but can imagine the huge issues this sort of unlevel bed would create with making anything dimensionally accurate or even getting stuff to stick to bed properly.

If anyone has some tips on how to rig up the platform to be level, some instructions (preferably with photos for us slow ones) would be helpful.

For side to side (along X), make sure the laser is tram (square) with the platform - I use some 1-2-3 blocks as spacers: Carriage Tolerances - Unusable Over Distance >75mm From Center

I also shimmed under the platform with tape or any other shim material. Others have used copper washers.

A more long term solution to address the bed flexibility is this: Y Axis Rattle - Proposed Solution

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Thanks brent. Those links are super helpful. I’m already in wait for a Millright Mega V and have a prusa for 3d printing, but as for a do it all machine that I can keep in my room that also looks nice in its enclosure… I see a lot of potential in this machine. Seems like it will be a while to work at the basics to get it to be closer to the promise of the flexible hardware.