Original for sale as well as an enclosure. UK/London (East)

Hi, I am thinking of selling my Original Snapmaker. It has been incredible and I have thoroughly enjoyed it (Printing Only). But I have the A350T and I have just sold my Formlabs Form 2 and bought a Bambu X1C, So I need room.

The Printer was switched on for the first time in about a year last week. I loaded old Gcode that was on a thumb drive and it went to work as a test and to make sure that whoever bought it had no issues. I printed a hinged cube, pics attached.

I have never used the router or laser modules.

I disassembled the printer this afternoon and it is all in its original packaging. Glasses, Manuals, Some Ziflex flexible print surfaces and apart from a screw driver I think it is all I there. I was brought up in the thinking that you look after your tools and they look after you.

I disassembled the enclosure too and whilst I do not have all the foam to sit it all in it is in the original box.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone is interested in it at a sensible price. I am loathed to lose it and a good price makes it yours, low ball prices mean I keep it happily in storage.

But it needs to be out there making stuff.

I have removed the camera mount from inside the enclosure as well as the light strip.



For the few £’s you might get for it, just donate it to a school, etc.

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Valuing your input, thank you.